Friday, February 17, 2012

My new painting...Dora

Happy Friday! I just finished the portrait that I started many months ago. I started the piece by sketching a woman, now called Dora, on a canvas. Then I used matte medium to glue pages of an old French book to the surface. Many hours of painting later.... here she is. Dora came to mind after watching, "Midnight In Paris" the other night. She wasn't in the movie, but Picasso was...and I had the privilege of seeing his Dora Maar paintings several years ago. (They are amazing!) If anyone hasn't seen "Midnight In Pairs"....I highly recommend it. It's my new favorite movie. So good!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Now she, Dora, is a natural beauty. I love this, Deb!!

Diane said...

Oh, I just love your special ladies!!
I've heard the same comments about this movie from other people too--on my list to see.

Darcy Tara said...

Very beautiful Deb. Appreciate reading about your techniques to do the painting too. I love the colours alot. I will take you up on the recommendation to see that movie. Take care, Darcy