Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Fun

 I heard someone talking on TV a while ago, and they said, "Nobody remembers the gifts they get for Christmas; they remember the special moments, like baking cookies with their grandmother."  It's true.  I don't remember the gifts, but I do remember the Christmas games my sister-in-law always leads us through. The years, as a young family, walking through the snow to get our Christmas tree. (While the old man, opening the gate, told us about his hemorrhoid surgery).  The Candlelight Christmas Eve service at Church, of course, is the most special part of Christmas.  We all love that time together.  I've been known to run around like a crazy lady getting ready for Christmas.  But, this year I decided that if things aren't's okay.  Our family has been focusing on spending more time together this Christmas, and it's been wonderful.  We spent one day at Storybook Land, with the grand kids, and then went out for hot chocolate.  We went to our granddaughter's first Christmas Band Concert...and those kids did not sound like beginners!  They were amazing.  Friday night we went to a Christmas pot luck, and played games, and visited with family and close friends.  Saturday night we played cards and darts with our new son-in-law's parents and friends; which was a lot of fun.  Yesterday we made gingerbread houses, with the grand kids, and had dinner together.  Then we danced, and sang to Christmas music.  Our year old granddaughter is quite the dancer.  We've, also, been enjoying the 6 dogs spending Christmas with us this year.  The new guy, Wesley, is adorable, and is now part of the pack.  It's been the best Christmas ever, and I highly recommend not stressing about the details, and just enjoying each other.

  I hope you all have a wonderful, loving and fun Christmas! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I LOVE SNOW!!! Rory, GusGus, Rudy and I had a wonderful morning looking at the snow by the Christmas Tree. I just had to take a bunch of are a few of them.

My Mom gave me this little Santa when I was 3 years old.  I'm not saying how old Santa is, but he's been around for many Christmases.

Rudy checking out the tree with his tail jingling merrily; GusGus wondering why I'm so excited, and why I'm taking pictures so early in the morning, and Rory still in bed...not quite awake.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gatsby and Wesley


Wesley had an appointment at the groomer today, and they sent him home with a new Christmas bandanna.  When he got home Gatsby was so happy to see his brother!  They are having a lot of fun this Christmas!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Springer Spaniel Painting

New Springer Spaniel Painting

Gatsby in his Moose Bed

Wesley in Gatsby's Moose Bed...Gatsby is good at sharing
I am practicing painting Springer Spaniels, and this is my first.  They are such sweet dogs.  Speaking of dogs.....Our daughter adopted an adorable little guy, Wesley, a few days ago.  We haven't met him yet...but, hopefully soon.  Gatsby loves his new brother.