Thursday, September 29, 2011


Inspired by Jill Mayberg's colorful Bird paintings... I decided to paint a colorful Bird of my own. I used the canvas that I covered with pieces of torn map. I then sketched a very loose bird and whatever else came to mind, and started to paint. I like being able to see the pieces of map through the painting, and there's also a lot more texture...which I really like. It was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to experimenting more with mixed media.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Layers on Two WIP Paintings

I have the first layer finished on two of the paintings I'm working on; and I've pretty much completed the underpainting on, "Isabelle". I used an old map and Golden Matte Medium on a 6" X 12" canvas...not sure of what will come next on this painting. The "Isabelle" painting was started with a sketch directly on the canvas. I then added torn pages from an old French Book using the Matte Medium. The next step was the underpainting using Payne's Gray and Titanium white.

To be continued...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girl's Day

Yesterday was a lot of fun! Two of my daughters and I had a Girl's Day Out. First...picking up a gorgeous wedding dress! Coffee and Portland Coffee Cake at Starbucks...yummy! Then on to The Corvallis Fall Festival, where I met two artists that create my kind of Art! I love their work. Jennifer Lommers (Her Artwork was on the tee-shirts this year), and Jill Mayberg... who has a painting I am so in love with. I'm still thinking about how gorgeous it would look in my living room! Then, if you haven't tried Cafe Yumm... I highly recommend it. We had dinner there and then listened to Calypso music all the way back to our car. Oh, and the French part of the day. I found a book written in French that I plan to use for a painting. If I can bring myself to tear it up. I love old books...and the thought of ripping pages very difficult for me.

Time to watch our nephew play! He's playing in Seattle now... Go Seahawks!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A few coats of Varnish...and this colorful guy is heading to his new home. I really had a great time painting this piece. I love to paint on wood! It takes a bit longer, but I love the end result.

If the French is wrong...please excuse. I've decided that I need to get busy learning French. (The year that I took in High School...isn't really helping me.) We have cousins in Europe, and if we don't visit while they are there; I think we'd be crazy! So, more French words will be incorporated in my artwork...for a while.

Next projects... I've just started a mixed media piece using maps that my daughter was tossing in the recycling. Her trash and my treasure!!! And...I'm going to be creating three 6"X6" cat paintings to send to the Gallery in Bandon. I'm really excited, so I best get busy!

Au revoir!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr. Gatsby My New Granddoggy

We have a new Granddoggy, Mr. Gatsby. He was adopted by our daughter in Pennsylvania, and soon after made a very long trip to Oregon by car. She said he is an excellent traveller. GusGus and Rory have made friends with Mr. Gatsby, finally, and are having fun playing with him. It's been good for them...they're getting back into shape!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Painting and Crocheting

Our lives have been very busy...having three family members in the hospital at once! They are all doing better now, and we are very grateful for that. We, also, have a wedding to plan! Our youngest daughter is getting married...and we found her dress on our first trip to the Bridal Boutique! It's gorgeous...and so is she! :-)

I have managed to complete a little more on the commission I've been working on...and I'm sharing a picture of the progress there. I plan to finish it this coming week. And, being inspired by our beautiful new granddaughter...I found my crochet hooks, ordered an adorable pattern for crocheted hats, and completed two while watching TV the other night. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to crochet. I'm thinking I may put a few hats in my Etsy Shop soon...after I complete the commission of course!

Have a wonderful week!