Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girl's Day

Yesterday was a lot of fun! Two of my daughters and I had a Girl's Day Out. First...picking up a gorgeous wedding dress! Coffee and Portland Coffee Cake at Starbucks...yummy! Then on to The Corvallis Fall Festival, where I met two artists that create my kind of Art! I love their work. Jennifer Lommers (Her Artwork was on the tee-shirts this year), and Jill Mayberg... who has a painting I am so in love with. I'm still thinking about how gorgeous it would look in my living room! Then, if you haven't tried Cafe Yumm... I highly recommend it. We had dinner there and then listened to Calypso music all the way back to our car. Oh, and the French part of the day. I found a book written in French that I plan to use for a painting. If I can bring myself to tear it up. I love old books...and the thought of ripping pages very difficult for me.

Time to watch our nephew play! He's playing in Seattle now... Go Seahawks!!!


Anya said...

I love also girls-day
I have also two daughters
and we do it also a few times a year

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow! Now I know two people with sons in professional sports! And being a transplanted to Seattle for 12 years, I'm still a closet fan of their teams. In Chicago, one doesn't advertise such things. Made the mistake of wearing my Mariners jersey to a White Sox game and was pelted with all manner of things. Sigh...Off to visit your links and wishing I had such a fabulous girls' day out with my own daughters!