Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artsy Home Shop

Hello! I've been busy trying to organize my Studio, and find new sites to list my paintings. I love Etsy, but I think it's gotten so big...it's hard to be seen. I've heard good things about Artsy Home, and just opened a new shop there tonight. So far I have listed "Snow Princess" and the new little cat painting shown above. He was fun to create. I used a page from an old book...sketched a kitty head, glued it on a mini canvas and painted the little guy.

I've been working on another painting, and patterns for some kitty dolls...which I am very excited about! So, stay tuned! Have a great evening!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Deb, the addition of the paper to the canvas adds so much dimension, especially the way the paint hugs the edges of the various pieces. I love this one! Now you will have me surfing Artsy Home when I get time at work! LOL

Diane said...

Your art really stands out and I love the face on the text--love it!
(going to check out Artsy Home :)

Brian said...

Good luck with the new store, you art is always so classy and beautiful!

Darcy Tara said...

What an intriguing cat. Nice art! Thank you so much for joining my blog. I had a hard time sending you a message so will leave a comment here. I look forward to seeing more of your art. Take care, Darcy