Thursday, February 4, 2010

A new Fox painting

I am having so much fun painting Wildlife!  I just finished, and listed on eBay, my new little Fox painting, and I'm working on, one of my all-time favorite animals...a Moose! 

Well, it's really late, for me, and GusGus is falling asleep at my feet...I think it's time for bed!  Yay, tomorrow is Friday!



AutumnLeaves said...

Boy, Deb! The richness of the autumn colors against that deep black is just exquisite. A gorgeous palette and lovely little sly subject. I may head over to ebay next paycheck!

Brian said...

The fun you are having shows, the foxes are absolutely stunning!

Diane said...

Oooh, this really stands out--I really, really, like it!!

SCI said...

I am so thrilled to discover your blog! You are so very talented and have a love of brilliant color that rivals my very own. I must confess that I have an absolute thing about foxes. I even have a painting of one over my fireplace, and yours are gorgeous, Deb.