Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Drawing

Good Morning!
The first time I saw another blogger do a drawing, I thought..."What a fun, great idea!"  I want to do that!  Well, today is my Birthday and I'm thinking it would be a good day to finally have a drawing.  The drawing will be for one of my matte prints of  the Fox.  All you have to do is leave a comment about a Birthday that was special for you.  I'm hoping I can get our Jack Russell, Rory, to draw a name out of the hat on Friday.  She's pretty good at tricks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!


Anya said...

I wish you a wonderful day !!!!!

Love your drawing :-)


Anya said...

I was forgot to tell about a special birthday well ...

Next month is my birthday
March 21
I receive a new number
I don't like that number

50 sounds sooooooooooo
(not young ..... LOL :( !!!!!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Happy Birthday! I have my fortieth coming up next month.

My special birthday memory: I had many special birthdays growing up, it is hard to pick one. My mom made our cakes in whatever theme we picked. My favorite was a 3-D pink and white teddy bear. Now that my mom has arthritis, I have taken over as the official cake baker. I just made penguin cupcakes for my niece and nephew.

Candy said...

Happy Birthday, Deb!

On my fortieth birthday, my mom took me to lunch at the Rittenhouse in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Bayfield is a charming little town on Lake Superior. The Rittenhouse is a beautiful old B & B with a wonderful restaurant. The owners let us wander through the rooms that were unoccupied. It's furnished with antiques. I loved it. My mom and I had a blast.

On that same birthday, my grandmother gave me a wooden basket made by my great grandfather. That side of my family is from Norway. The basket looks Norwegian I think. Anyhow, it's one of my prized possessions.

That was my favorite birthday, so far:)

Cary Grant (one of our big black cats)is helping me write this by parading back and forth in front of the monitor.

Deb Harvey said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I had a great day!

What fun birthdays! Anya, you will love being 50, there's something very freeing about that age.
Marie, 40 is fun too! How lucky you are to have had so many wonderful birthdays! I love decorating cakes too! Your penguin cupcakes sound so cute!
Candy, My cousin was married in a bed and breakfast, and I know what you mean! It was so much fun and so beautiful! What a special gift, too!
Thank you for posting your birthday memories!

AutumnLeaves said...

Happy birthday, Deb! I cannot remember a standout birthday. I suppose the best one I can recall is the year my 5 1/2 year old granddaughter was born. She was 3 days old on my birthday and I had my daughter and my granddaughter, my other daughter and my 3 month old grandson, and my son-in-law all living in the house with us. I am all about my kids and grandkids.

Tracey said...

Hope it was wonderful!
My favorite Birthday was my mom and Aunt took me on a trip to Savannah! It was wonderful!!

Deb Harvey said...

Hi Sherry and Tracey! Thank you for posting your special birthdays! Grandkids and Savannah! How fun!!!