Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentine's Day and Colorful Abstract Cats!

My family is waiting on watch Modern Family... but I had to share my two new paintings first. Two paintings inspired by several things that I love... Valentine's Day, my cat Rudy, abstract art, hearts and just Cats in general.

Have a great evening!


Anya said...

Very great paintings
that for Valentine's day
is very lovely you have painted
a very beautiful lady !!
And your cats are always funny :-)

Deb Harvey said...

Thank you, Anya!
Did you finish your new painting? Have you ever painted Kareltje? Not sure I spelled his name right without looking. He is so handsome and would be fun to paint.

Thanks, again!

Brian said...

I always look forward to seeing your latest paintings, they are so very pretty!

AutumnLeaves said...

I love these bright, colorful, and loving paintings, Deb. Purrfect combination of your favorites!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I love them both, but the blue cat really speaks to me!

Diane said...

Okay Deb, how much do I love these? :)

Deb Harvey said...

WOW! Thank you, everyone! I'm so happy that you like the paintings. I am having a great time painting colorful cats, right now. Abstracts have a special place in my heart...since they come from the heart/soul. I hope to paint some very large abstract kitties soon!
Thank you, again!

Candy said...

Beautiful! It always lifts my spirits when I see your paintings. Plus, you've got it together. You're ready for Valentine's Day, while a certain person in the state of Nevada still has Christmas lights up...