Monday, January 11, 2010

SAM A Colorful Cat

A friend noticed my 'Colorful Cat' Print, in my Etsy shop, at the same time I was wondering what I should paint next. I am so happy that she inspired me...because I am having a great time painting these very colorful kitty cats!'s time to head out to the Espresso Shop! See everyone in a few hours! ;-)


Anya said...

So beautiful :-)
I have many drawings made with so many colors !!!!
I'm now busy to make a drawing subject "winter" :-)


Diane said...

This cat is way cool--love those colors!

AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous kitty! I love the various textures you have painted with each color too!

Brian said...

Wow, we love the colorful cat too!!!

Gary Keimig said...

They are pretty cool Deb. you might be onto something here.
How was the Latta?