Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Oppea says THANK YOU!!! For all of the lovely comments about her.
We think her green eyes come from her love of Peas. I forgot and said the WORD last night...(we have to spell...P E A S...) She was sitting at the kitchen table...looked up at me and jumped for the freezer. I'm starting to think she has a Pea addiction.

Next in line...Our Jack Russell Terrorist, Rory. She doesn't mean to hunt every living creature on our property, but she can't help herself. She did lose her evening privileges, however, when she surprised a deer bedded down for the night...that was frightening. Rory is very loving with GusGus, nice to the cats and extremely smart...she's learned many tricks for treats. Rory is a fun member of our family!


Tracey said...

Hi Deb,
I guess there are worse things Oppea could be addicted to than peas...LOL!
Rory is a cutie too...does she jump up in your arms from the ground? I have a Jack Russell/Chiuahua mix and she does, I was told it was because of the Jack Russell in her.
I can tell you really LOVE your animals...they do bring so much JOY to our lives don't they?
:) Tracey

Anya said...

Its a very cute doggie,
he is beautiful :)
I have a allergic for dogs but on the internet not .... LOL
Hugs to RORY

Deb Harvey said...

Good Morning!
Rory used to jump into our arms, but she can no longer do that. Yes, I do love animals...my parents used to have fits because I was always finding strays and bringing them home. Still do. They bring a lot of joy...unconditionally. Sorry you're allergic to dogs! That would be terrible!
Have a wonderful day!