Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I LOVE Autumn!!!

Autumn Kitty SOLD

I love the colors of Autumn! Oregon is gorgeous in the Fall, with the golds, reds and oranges blazing on the hillsides against a bright blue sky. It's like a beautiful Impressionistic painting. The color has inspired a black kitty painting with an abstract, Autumn colored background. Kitty really pops against the bright color. I hope he brings a smile or two. :-)

Have a wonderful day!!!



Tracey said...

Definitely brought a smile to my face :)
Thank you Deb!

Anya said...

Yes Debra
Autumn is also my favorite time of the year :)
(nr 2 is spring ;)
Wonderful painting,
its really fantastic (@^.^@)

Deb Harvey said...

Hi Tracey and Anya!

I'm so happy that you like the painting. I really love the colors of Autumn...so happy and bright!

Thank you, both, so much!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'm so ready for fall! Love this kitty :)

Candy said...

I love autumn, too! Looking at your cheerful painting is a great way to start my Thursday.