Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two new POODLE paintings

Poodle Paintings SOLD

I've been inspired by Poodles, lately...and I have two new poodle paintings. The poodles just happen to be black and white...and I love black and white! I did add a green butterfly to the ACEO painting...but while working on the two poodle just felt like it should stay totally black and here they are.

Have a good night...



Candy said...

I like both, but I especially like the painting of two poodles. There's just something about black and white that is striking.

Deb Harvey said...

Thank you, Candy! I agree with you about black and white...there's just something about it.
Hope you are having a great weekend. I'm cleaning...not so much fun, but it's nice when things are in order. Since we're re-doing our master bath and bedroom...I think 'order' won't be happening for a while, though.

Tracey said...

LOVE the black and white painting!
Hope you had a great weekend :)

Anya said...

Its very special black/white
I love it :)))))

( Sorry I am late I had family weekend ;)

Jess Mendez said...


these poodles are beautiful, and I love the B&W, with added green, definitely genious.... :)


Deb Harvey said...

Thank you, Tracey, Anya and Jess! You're so sweet... Wow, I can't believe it's almost the weekend, again! I hope you all have fun...

Take care,