Friday, August 14, 2009



Yea! It's Friday!!! I'm looking forward to getting my hair cut, going to lunch with a friend and, hopefully, painting the rest of the day! Our daughter is working at the espresso shop, so Mom is going to have some fun!

I just finished a new, large, butterfly painting. I'm calling it, "Five Butterflies". It's 6" X 12", so much bigger than my recent 2" and 3" paintings. It was fun to paint, and I hope you enjoy it. Rudy and butterflies are still inspiring me, but..... I saw five of the most adorable little poodles at the groomers I'm feeling more poodle paintings coming! They must have been a poodle family...all groomed and beautiful...looking through the kennel door for their person to come and rescue them.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Tracey said...

What a lovely painting! I love the size of it too.
Have a great weekend :)

Anya said...

Fantastic painting :))))))

You say "the espresso shop"
yummie..... I drink to many coffee
Have a lovely weekend :)

Deb Harvey said...

Thank you, Tracey and Anya! It was fun to paint something a little bigger.

Yes, I love espresso too! I just don't love owning the espresso shop, because I can't paint full-time!!!
It's almost time for the weekend, again!