Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two New Works in Progress

I've been in a blue mood, paint wise, lately.  It's funny how your color likes and dislikes can change...I've never really been a real fan of Blue before, but I'm loving it right now.  Lots of work left on these two paintings...I'm thinking the blue dog won't have that much blue left when I finish him. The cat lady is a mixed media piece.  I started out using Matte Medium and pages from the French Novel I've been tearing apart.  I like to see the words through the paint, so I'm thinking more washes and light color.


Brian said...

I always love your cats, but that doggy is adorable!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Both pieces are looking magnificent, Deb! The blue is so soothing, makes me want to keep looking. The paper adds much interest to the cat too. Makes me want to see what it says.

Jane said...

Two interesting works... I really like the blue dog and wonder what you will do :-)