Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still In A Blue Mood

Gus Monet

Blue Cat III
I guess I will call this my "Blue Period".  LOL  I have a new little," Blue Cat III" painting, and an update on one of my WIP paintings.  I'm calling the dog painting, "Gus Monet".  My dog, GusGus, was the inspiration for this painting, and it's turning out kind of blue/green, which reminds me of Monet's water lilies.  Both paintings, I guess because of the blue, don't photograph very well.  Or, I can't get them to photograph, they really don't show the depth of color that they do in person.  I need to work with my camera more.


Brian said...

Bluetiful times two!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wow, Deb! Gus Monet is just exquisite. It could have been painted during the Renaissance with those soft edges to Gus and the moody sky beyond. I love the addition of the leaves above too. And it is my favorite palette!

Diane said...