Monday, December 7, 2009

New Painting...."Waiting"

"WAITING". I've been thinking a lot about, "Waiting", lately. It seems that life is so busy, I find myself, "Waiting" until the day comes, instead of living the day as I want it to be.

I used a different palette with this little girl. Blue base and a golden skin color. She was fun!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anya said...

She looks also a little mysterious
Its a very nice girl !!!!
Great job

Calli said...

She looks serene, at ease with herself and the world around her.

Very nice, Deb, and the colours are wonderful! :)
also enjoyed the holiday pics!

Deb Harvey said...

Thank you, Anya and Calli! I can see mysterious and serene in her face. I really enjoy hearing what others see in my work, I appreciate your comments, a lot!

Have you finished your drawing, Anya? I look forward to seeing your next piece, Calli, too!
Take care

AutumnLeaves said...

She looks fun, too! I love her colors and that expression on her face, wonder? For me it isn't "waiting" as much as I find myself always wishing for the next and the next...Ultimately wishing my life away instead of enjoying each precious moment!

Deb Harvey said...

Hi Autumn,

Thank you for stopping by and your very nice comments!

Yes, wishing is something I do too...wishing and waiting. I am working on living in the NOW, and making my dreams my goals. Europe is on the top of my list. And using my favorite (GOOD) dishes, instead of just looking at them on a shelf.