Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decorating Supervisors

I love decorating for Christmas! I can't say I had a lot of help this year, but I did have some company. I call them my Supervisors...they watch while I do the work. Oppea decided to take a little rest on the tree skirt I left on the coffee table, after inspecting the tree. While Rudy watched me arrange the Christmas Village, and when I wasn't looking...he hid inside the box. Gus and Rory watched for a while, but decided if food isn't involved...they'd take a nap.

We will share pictures of the decorations soon!


Anya said...

Very cute puurr... friends you have
Kareltje is also totally crazy when he see a box :-)

AutumnLeaves said...

Kitties are so much fun with their unique personalities, aren't they? I have 3 myself. Of late, my youngest female and my lone male have had issues with each other. Sigh...Lots of hissing and spitting (and yes, they are all neutered) between the two of late. I'm starting to wonder if they are jealous of each other as both never seem to get enough of me. Little velcro kitties. Oppea is beautiful! Tortoise shell kitties - always stunning.