Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Very Productive Day!!!


PHEW! I've been working non-stop today, and it's been GREAT! My dream days are the days when I do nothing but deal with Art related business. Oh, I guess I thought about the coffee shop a little. When I was thinking that I could use a cappuccino... Speaking of Cappuccinos, I took a picture of one of my favorite little demitasse cups, holding a yummy Capp...that I will share here today.

Part of my business today was adding my new, "Mother's Day" painting in my Etsy shop. I really love the way this painting turned out, and I hope it brings a big smile into your day!

It's off to watch the Trailblazers now!!! Have a great evening!!!




Tracey said...

Hi Deb :)
Thanks for visiting my blog. Gald you like my roses and kitties. I love your paintings.....they are so happy!!
Have a great day,

Deb Harvey said...

Hi Tracey,

Thank you, too!!! I really do think your kitties are gorgeous as well as your roses!
YOu have a great day, as well!

tascha said...

I love these doggies! So cute

Lisa said...

I love these doggies.. they are so adorable!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.. glad you enjoyed the ballet shoes! It's a great silent auction item idea to pass along for your daughter's school if they have fundraisers. I fell in love with the ballet shoes the moment i saw them!

Deb Harvey said...

Hi Tascha and Lisa!
Thank you for stopping by! And, for your kind words about the doggies!