Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GusGus and Rudy like Daffodils too!

Rudy seems to love his new home, see him smiling! I just had to take a few pictures of him with the gorgeous daffodils! Not to be left out, GusGus had to check the pretty yellow flowers out, too.

GusGus doesn't look his best with that dark spot on top of his head...a war wound from Rudy. But, they've gotten along, famously, since. I've, actually, been very happy with the way our 4 dogs and two cats have taken Rudy in. A few battles, at first, but I think they are starting to like each other.

Off to the Coffee Shop.... Have a great day, everyone!


stephrudolph said...

Little Gus Gus looks just absolutely squeezable! Sweet.

Deb Harvey said...

He is the sweetest little guy, until one of the other animals gets too close to me...he turns into a ball of fury.