Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 4 Francis Painting

I was painting, my Day 4 painting, while listening to the TV today...waiting to see who the new Pope would be.  And, I decided to name my painting, "Francis" in honor of the new Pope.  He sounds like such an amazing man.  I noticed after finishing the painting...that I had painted something that looks like white smoke at the top of the cat's head.  The power of suggestion?  This painting was, also, inspired by Gritty Jane's new class, "Paint Like A Child".  I joined the class Jane started today, and I watched two videos, one with a small girl painting huge canvases, and one with Picasso.  These two videos were so inspiring.  I will add the link to Jane's class above, if you're interested.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I think the white above Francis' head looks like an angel. Different drum me though. Anyway, I do love the colors in the piece and it becomes even more fun than usual!!

Brian said...

That is darn cool, I'm in awe of the colors!


Painting like a child...that sounds like pure fun and freeness! I think I'll hope on over. Thanks.

Your kitty faces are always so sweet.
Ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

**CREATIVE CARMELINA** said...'s the one I saw on TVO...a documentary. She's amazing to watch, isn't she....a little messy though...but amazing none the less!

Ciao again.

Debbie Nolan said...

Deb - Frances is sensational. Loved how you named this particular piece as well. Going to check out that "Paint Like A Child" - sounds fun. Thanks for sharing the link.