Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Owl" Painting

I finished a little, "Owl" painting last night.  I love Owls...  We have had the good fortune to have a little Owl in our backyard.  I wondered what was causing our light to come on, and was pleasantly surprised to see an adorable little owl, sitting on a branch, looking out into the woods. 


Brian said...

I love that owl and he is so expressive!

Debbie Nolan said...

dear Deb - this own painting is lovely. They are such mysterious birds. Love to hear them late at night. Thinking of you this week my friend - take care and God Bless!

CrimsonLeaves said... cute!! I'm never sure if I've heard an owl or another bird. How sad am I???

Candy said...

Deb, this little owl makes me smile. We have some little owls who live in holes in the ground here in the desert. I think they are so cool.

Terri said...

Beautiful owl! Owls are very trendy right now. This painting is really wonderful!