Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

First of all....Happy Halloween!  I wrote the post below and then's Halloween.  I love seeing my grandchildren in their costumes, but Halloween isn't my favorite Holiday.  No scary movies for me!   I do love Autumn, though!

I have the best of intentions every have lots of Christmas and Holiday items in my shops, and this year...I do have lots of ornaments, cards and a few Autumn inspired items in my Cafepress shop.  Cafepress has new cocktail plates that are pretty fun.  I hope to have a Christmas plate next month.

  I'm off to paint!  Have a wonderful day, and a safe Halloween!!!


Brian said...

I am soooooo ready for the Christmas Tree to go up! Happy Halloween from all of us!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Such colorful and joyful ornaments! (Or are they gift tags?) Can't wait to see your Christmas plate too!