Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ellie Is Finished

Here are the rest of the WIP pictures for "Ellie".
At first I painted the background brilliant blue and light blue violet.  I used burnt sienna, raw sienna, mars yellow, cad red light, titanium white, gold ochre and burnt umber for her hair.  Eyes are Olive Green and payne's gray. Lips: cadmium red light, quinacridone burnt orange and titanium white.  Skin: Titanium white, gold ochre, mars yellow, burnt sienna and Cad red light. 
Next I used Matte Medium and glued torn pages, from my old  French Novel, to the background for texture.
Then, for several days, I worked on the hair and background...because there was something that I just didn't like.  That usually happens with every painting.  I finally decided that I didn't like the blue background.

So, "Ellie" has a Payne's Gray background.  You can still see the texture, and I think she pops more with a darker background.  She is now wired, and hanging at the bank for a while.


Brian said...

Pretty Ellie has lots of soul!

Candy said...

Ellie turned out great, Deb. I enjoy reading what other artists are thinking - like your thoughts on the background color. Did you take a photo of her on the wall at the bank?

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wouldn't I love to look like Ellie! She is beautiful and I love her hair and her clothes!