Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living Life Creatively

I've been trying to live life in what I call a "creative way" for as long as I can remember. I used to succeed at it, too. But, that hasn't been the case in several years now. Life has been so busy, and I'm pretty good at putting everyone else's needs ahead of mine, so life here has been unorganized and so" not the composition" that I would like to live in. Yes, I do like to look at everything as if it were a painting, and my dream is to live in that beautiful work of Art. But, until I can get back on the right track...I've found "Creative Carmelina". She lives a "Creative Life", and her blog gives me the daily smile and awwww moments that I crave. She has a beautiful Thank You to me for the Give Away that she won on my blog...but, I'm saying, THANK YOU, CARMELINA! For the beautiful, "Creative Life" that you share with us. You are an inspiration!


**CREATIVE CARMELINA** said... I now have to thank you back? for your extreemely beautiful and touching words in your day's post? lol

You honour me with your praise....I just do what I love doing every day of my life......and I'm so happy to share it with fellow artistic souls like you. Thanks so much Deb, you're a doll!

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

CrimsonLeaves said...

Some of your words could be my own, Deb. I so wish I could just stay home and be me. Carmelina just introduced herself to me and I'm now enjoying her blog myself.

liveoriginal said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I really connected with your thoughts and views. Love your work and your site XOXO