Friday, October 21, 2011

Cats, Herbs, New Poodle Painting and a WIP

Today, while I was taking a picture of my new Poodle Painting; I saw Rudy sniffing my herb basket, so I had to take a picture of him! Then walking back into the house, I noticed my WIP painting, and remembered that I haven't posted a picture of the progress, so I snapped a picture of it, too. I'm still deciding which way I want to go with it... bright color or more muted colors?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! We're going to Trader Joes later today, and then to dinner with about 20 friends! I can't wait!!!


Brian said...

Great pics Rudy! I love that Poodle too. Your WIP looks great as well. Have a fun dinner and a great weekend!

Anya said...

Enjoy your diner :-)
Have fun...

Very lovely shots
so nice to see your meow..meow.. friend :))))))

Your poodle painting is "Wow"!!
Beautiful :)

we wish you a fantastic week-end

conservativelybohemian said...

Always love seeing your art, Deb. The girl/woman piece looks awesome and on such a great format! You must have a super light heart as it comes through in your work.

Diane said...

Well, which ever way you decide, it will be awesome!
Love that poodle!!

Leticia said...

Love the idea of an herb basket. Cute white kitty.