Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sudoku = Meditation=Art Journal

I've enjoyed Sudoku for a while now. I call it my meditation. So when I feel stressed...I grab my little book, the time flies by, I feel relaxed and I usually don't remember what I was stressed about after several puzzles. Very similar to creating Art, so I guess that is how my Sudoku books gradually became my Art journals. I started, rather unconsciously, using the finished pages of my sudoku books to experiment with ideas for art projects. It's fun and seems to help me with that dreaded artists' block.

Here are a few of my Sudoku pages and three Works in Progress that were inspired from these pages.


Diane said...!!

AutumnLeaves said...

I thought I saw paintings to be in these Sudoku books! This is what I call a 'twofer', or two for one! Great idea, Deb!

Brian said...

That must be a great game, my Dad plays it too, but he didn't know they were art!

Anya said...

Its also my favorite Deb :-)
Its good for my mind hahahahaha....

I try at the moment "master 5* "
but its very diffecult :(
I go back to 3 stars
and than I can say its good for my mind

(5 stars make me crazy ...... LOL)

Christine's Arts said...

Love your sudoku doodles and the inspiration they brought you. Love your colors.

Magento Themes said...

wow..nice.. That Sudoku doodles are very nice and that painting is so beautiful.
Thanks for this great blog.