Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I think I completed two pages of a journal...a long time ago.  Then Suzi mentioned something about a journal...travelling around and ending up in a museum.  So I checked it out, paid the money and I've been racing to get it finished now before the deadline, Jan 15, 2011.  At first I was sorry that I had taken it on, but now I believe it's been one of the best things I've taken on.  I know it's not my best work...I'm probably not going to finish the entire journal, the way I would like to, but I've learned so much and it's becoming one of my passions.  It's such a great way to grow, experiment and learn about yourself.  Not to mention becoming addicted, in a great way, to things like ink.  I didn't know how much fun drawing in pen and ink could be.  I am so looking forward to creating journals from now on!

Here are a few pages... 


Brian said...

I think the pen and ink drawings are incredible, that one of Sweetie is so cool!

Diane said...

These are awesome!!! Maybe next year I'll take time to do this. I read your comment about your nephew being a Cleveland Brown. You must tell me more. My husband AND my son would be so interested--they are true die-hard fans.

Nancie Johnson said...

Love your ink work Deb. I too, have a journal for the project. I have been very slow to work on it, and now with the holidays - eeek, what spare time? I'm betting that I will be working in a frenzy after Jan 1 to meet the deadline. Good for you & your discipline - the work looks great!

Mandy Higgs said...

Deb:D I love your pen and ink drawings! Your very good at this:D Your always up to something exciting and I love reading about your artist adventures :D

Candy said...

Deb, these drawings are great. I've fallen in love with Sweetie!


Oh Deb! yes...drawing is pure bliss..that's what I say!

I posted today about a sketch I did in my journal for mixed media'll have to swing on by and check it out! it really is so much fun to sharpen our skills through use...and having to draw and doodle each day really does improve our art!

I love your pages..thanks so much for sharing!

ciao bella

and I miss you too!

Creative Carmelina

SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Deb!
Sweetie is soooo cute!!!