Monday, July 26, 2010

My Day Off

Today was a gorgeous day, and it was my day off! A day to, finally, exercise with Jillian. If you've never tried one of her DVDs, I highly recommend them. Then it was off to Grandpa's Garden. A beautiful little, family owned farm, with the best fruits and veggies around. They are now making jams and syrups, too, so I had to buy a few to try, and they are wonderful!           

I had in mind that I would paint when I got home, but first GusGus and I had to have lunch on the deck, and give Oppea a little attention, too.

We have a very small garden on our deck this year.  Some herbs and cherry tomatoes.  GusGus loves to lay by the tomato plants.  The cats lay by the catnip plant on the other side of the deck.  They really seem to enjoy it. 

I did paint for the rest of the afternoon...  I had a GREAT day off!!! 


Brian said...

I'm very happy to hear that you had a great day off! The veggies look pretty good!

Diane said...

Ahhh--the perfect day--the blueberries and veggies are beautiful--almost too good to eat :)

AutumnLeaves said...

It SOUNDS like it was a great day off! For some reason, I am coming away hungry today...! LOL

Tina Eudora said...

Sounds like a perfect day Deb, the kind that makes life worth living!
I was painting at a friend's place yesterday and they have a fabulous garden this year of tomatoes and squash, pumpkin and cucumbers and I have promised some when they are ready. I LOVE freshly grown produce, it just makes a recipe taste the "best". And any sweet person who shares is tops in my book...:)
Have a great day!
Tina xo

Candy said...

A perfect day! I would love to visit Grandpa's Garden. Isn't summertime wonderful? I'm glad you had time for painting, too.

Amanda Makepeace said...

You're in the EBSQ Friday Five!

Pamela Holderman said...

Love days like this. It doesn't get any better to have a sunny summer day off in the Pacific Northwest. I didn't grow any tomatoes this year and of course I regret it, but it probably would not have been sunny enough for them.