Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi!  I'm still around...Just very, very busy.  Business at the Espresso Shop has picked up a lot, so more of my time is spent there.  I signed up for a couple of art classes, to learn new techniques, and they are amazing.  I love Jane's 'prints on wood' class,  and I am very taken with 'Suzi Blu's Piety and Passion' class.  Great new techniques that I can't wait to start.  A lot of new supplies, for me, so I've been having quite a time finding everything, but I think I'm set now.  I  don't want to know how much I'll be worth it.

I  have a new little FOX painting to share.  He's now in my ETSY shop.

Have a great evening!


AutumnLeaves said...

Look at that delightfully soft, furry face!! Gorgeous piece, Deb. I often find myself wondering if an old friend (that I'm not in touch with at the present time) ever stops into your espresso shop. She works at the hospital and her name is Kathleen. She is such a delight and it pleases me to think of your paths crossing.

Brian said...

I totally love the foxes, very pretty...but all your paintings are always so very beautiful!

DEB said...

What a fun painting..soft and pretty, yet dramatic on the black background!

Caroline said...

I love your bright colorful work!
Each one is wonderful and unique!