Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumn Angel

I've combined several of my interests in this painting. An Impressionistic style, Angels and the human face. I think I've said it before...I really love painting faces!!!


Anya said...

You are a face painter
You are talented in painting faces
and cats =^.^=
I wish I could :(
I painted when I was younger !!!
I make one painting when I was
20 years old with charcoal
(I hope you now what I mean... )
Its that black stuf !!
Its beautiful and its now hanging in my livingroom above the television :)
Its almost antique :)))))

Brian said...

I must say, those are indeed very beautiful faces. I really liked Alice and the white cat from the previous post too!

Des said...

Excellent work. I've enjoyed looking at the paintings on your blog.